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Our Boiler Maintenance Tips To Prevent A Boiler Breakdown

Posted in Boilers
Published on February 21, 2020

Most of us know that boiler maintenance is important but that doesn’t stop countless homes across the UK neglecting it. Failing to maintain the upkeep of your boiler can lead to expensive repairs, increase running costs and even produce potential health risks. Thankfully, there a variety of ways you can keep on top of your boiler maintenance and reduce the need for boiler repairs.


Use Pipe Lagging To Prevent Boiler Breakdowns

Your home houses a complex network of water pipes and one of the best ways to maintain them and your boiler is through insulation. Also known as lagging, insulating pipework offers a few benefits. The better insulation keeps pipes from freezing, preventing boiler breakdowns and burst pipes as well as the consequent flooding and repairs. You can carry out lagging yourself with foam pipes though you may require help for some of the harder to reach pipework.


Switch Your Boiler Off In The Summer

Once the weather warms up and your boiler is going to see less use you can turn it off. With a combi-boiler simply change the settings to water-only. However, you should turn it back on for 15 minutes once per month to avoid problems when winter rolls back around. Turning the boiler back on for a short time each month will help prevent the pumps from seizing up.


Get Your Boiler Serviced Yearly

Possibly the biggest key to maintaining your boiler is having it serviced annually. A boiler service should be carried out by a gas safety registered engineer. This will help you make sure everything is running smoothly and enable you to identify and fix any issues (before they turn into a bigger more expensive problem). This annual check will go far in making sure your boiler is performing optimally and running efficiently.

For more on why you should get an annual boiler check read “Why should you get your boiler serviced regularly?


Pay Attention To Your Radiators

Radiators are an integral part of your heating system and as such, they play a big role in boiler maintenance. There are a couple of ways you can better maintain your boiler when it comes to radiators. Firstly, remove air from your central heating system by bleeding your radiators. Secondly, if you find that your radiators only heat up at the top it could mean that debris has gathered in the bottom of them. You can fix this by having them professionally cleaned with a power flush. A power flush will clear out debris from your radiators and pipes.


Don’t Make Repairs Yourself

It can be tempting, especially if you’re a handy or DIY-oriented person, to attempt to make fixes yourself. Do not do this. Boiler repairs and checks should always be carried out by a professional. Unless you are a gas safe registered engineer you should leave your boiler alone. If you suspect an issue call a professional, if there is a problem, they will confirm your suspicions and carry out the necessary repairs. By following the tips in this post you should see few if any, issues between your annual boiler service but if one does come up speak to a qualified engineer.


There are a few ways to maintain your boiler and avoid emergency boiler repairs. Some of them you can implement yourself such as switching your boiler to hot water only during the summer months. Others, however, require a professional. When you require boiler repairs or checks always make sure they are carried out by a gas safe registered engineer. At Kiasu Workforce our engineers are fully certified and gas safe register approved which is why you can count on us to deliver the highest standard of work on all boiler services and repairs.