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Why should you get your boiler serviced regularly?

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Published on December 17, 2019

People go all summer without touching the thermostat, but as the weather turns colder, and they turn to their heating system to provide warmth and comfort, they could find that it’s not working at all. 

In that case, the need to get an emergency plumber out will be a costly expense that could’ve been avoided.

Servicing your boiler regularly keeps it healthy

If boilers aren’t looked after properly, they can become faulty and, in the worst-case scenario, be fatal. It’s not uncommon to experience boiler problems from time to time but to minimise the possibility of a bigger issue, we recommend regular boiler servicing

Every boiler should at the very minimum have a service every year carried out by a Gas Safe engineer. They will fully assess the current condition of your boiler and make sure it’s running more safely and efficiently. 

Reduce boiler breakdowns

One of the obvious benefits of regular gas servicing is that you can avoid costly boiler breakdowns. The costs can quickly mount up when you find yourself calling out a specialist for a boiler-related emergency.

Instead, by keeping on top of your boiler maintenance and servicing, you can keep your boiler in great working order and identify issues before they get worse.

Save money in the long-term

Maintaining the condition of your boiler will save you money in the long-term. You may begrudge the cost of paying for regular servicing but these costs will be significantly less than the cost of repairing or replacing a boiler that hasn’t been serviced and breaks down.

Keep you and your family safe 

Regularly servicing your boiler will make sure it’s combusting fuel safely and efficiently, minimizing the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide is odourless, colourless and tasteless, meaning that most don’t even know they are being poisoned.

For the elderly, vulnerable, or those with young children, a lack of heating and hot water can have severe health and financial implications so ensuring you have a working boiler is a must. 

Boiler servicing needs to be done by a Gas Safe engineer

As property maintenance specialists, we recommend getting your boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe engineer. This regular boiler servicing will keep your boiler working effectively for longer, reduce the risk of boiler breakdowns, save you money in the long-term, and keep your family safe.

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