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Boiler Repair

Boiler breakdown never comes at a convenient time. In the throes of winter, the last thing you want is to be stranded without heat! Ultimately, your central heating and hot water are reliant on the health of your boiler. For a warm home throughout the seasons, you need to prioritise boiler repair in your London-based property. Should you suspect there’s a problem with your gas or electric boiler, call out one of our experienced engineers before it worsens.

If you’re already faced with a total breakdown, and you’re in desperate need of help, we’re here! Our 24-hour boiler repair covers the entirety of London. We’ll recover your heating no matter the time, so you needn’t spend one night shivering.


Commercial Boiler Repair in London

Commercial boilers can output considerably more energy than domestic models, so their repair is more demanding. It would help if you had the support of a specialist. After all, you rely on your commercial boiler to run your business! Heating and hot water are non-negotiable. It can be disastrous facing a breakdown while you try to support customers, but you needn’t worry. Your London-based premises are in safe hands with Kiasu Workforce.

Minimise the time you’ll have to disrupt your store or your office. Our 24-hour commercial boiler repair allows us to tackle any problems while your employees are at home! You needn’t sacrifice business hours and your profit for a healthy boiler. We’ll travel to East, West, South and North London whenever suits you.


Our Emergency Boiler Repair

Your experience is our top priority. Our team will do everything possible to support you and your property in London! Nobody should suffer from having no heating or hot water, so we’ve carefully designed our emergency boiler repair services. Every service we provide will be convenient for you while priced reasonably and completed quickly.

With Kiasu Workforce:

  • There are no call-out charges.
  • There are no additional travel costs.
  • You’ll receive 24/7 service, no matter what.
  • Our team is directly employed and industry trained.
  • We provide you access to a dedicated helpdesk team.
  • We tackle all problems with our in-house team of experts.
  • We are proactive in saving our customers money.


Gas and Electric Boiler Repair in London

With regular boiler servicing, repairs should be a rare occurrence. Still, you need to be prepared for the unexpected! Debris, dirt and dust can clog the pipes around your boiler before your annual service, so you’ll need a repair to tackle the blockage. It mightn’t be an emergency, but you should still book a repair as soon as possible to prevent long-term damage to your boiler.

Our Gas and Electric Boiler Repair Includes:

  • Responding to warning messages.
  • Handling gas leaks.
  • Addressing no heating and no hot water.
  • Inspecting surrounding pipes.
  • Checking radiators to ensure they work.
  • Advise when a new boiler should be installed.


Contact Our Boiler Repair Specialists

Don’t delay in addressing any issues with your heating. If you’re faced with an emergency boiler breakdown in any London borough, you’ve come to the right place. Contact us to get your hot water back up and running.