Planned Preventative Maintenance in London

We understand that the safe operation of your London-based buildings and the welfare of your occupants is your top priority. On top of this, a property is usually the single largest asset any business or individual has so keeping your building in great condition and preventing it from depreciating in value is essential. Engaging in planned preventative maintenance can help you achieve this.

Our team of building maintenance experts has the skills and experience to deliver quality planned preventative building maintenance services to businesses, landlords, and homeowners across London. Our engineers carry out planned preventative maintenance across North London, South London, East London, and West London.

The Importance of Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance is equally important for homes as well as business properties. It can ensure any potential issues are identified and addressed before they develop further and higher repair costs are incurred.

The expert team at Kiasu Workforce can meet your planned preventative maintenance needs. We’ll work with you to plan the most effective maintenance schedule to ensure the needs of your building are met. When dealing with a business property, we strive to ensure your business continues to run smoothly with minimal impact on your day-to-day operations.

Our Range of Planned Preventative Maintenance Services

Our planned preventative maintenance service covers the following areas:

  • Review, consultation and implementation of asset maintenance
  • Gas & heating systems
  • Domestic & closed water systems
  • Ventilation systems, AHU, FCU, VAV
  • Air conditioning, condensers & chillers
  • Fire alarms & extinguishers provision
  • PAT testing
  • Fixed wire testing
  • Waste management, segregation & recycling
  • Water treatment & analysis

Contact our London-based Team

Our engineers have the skills to provide quality planned preventative services in your home or business and we don’t charge call out fees or have any other hidden fees, such as parking or congestion charges, so you can feel confident when choosing Kiasu Workforce to meet your property maintenance needs.

If you’d like a consultation on how we could create a full and bespoke property maintenance strategy for you, call us today on 02018 988 1662 or email your enquiry to