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Fire Extinguisher Provision & Servicing in London

Keeping you and your London-based business building fully protected from fire also means being able to take control when it really matters – that usually means using fire extinguishers.

Being able to tackle and control small fires effectively and efficiently with appropriate fire extinguishers can make all the difference between a fire being a minor inconvenience and it leading to a dangerous situation involving significant stock damage, a reduced ability to trade, and injuries to your staff and customers.

Whilst we would hope you never have to handle a fire, extinguishing one whilst it is small is relatively trivial by comparison to dealing with a far more serious fire. 

We use our specialist knowledge to install the correct fire extinguishers, maintain and test your existing fire extinguishers, and carry out fire extinguisher training for you and your team. This is an essential part of workplace safety and prepares you to tackle fires quickly, minimising damage and avoiding harm to yourself or others.

We provide a host of fire extinguisher services in London which we have detailed below, alongside some helpful information for keeping your business safe and correctly preparing your workforce to deal with fires.


Fire Extinguisher Provision and Services

At Kiasu Workforce, our specialist knowledge and experience can help you understand the laws and regulations surrounding fire extinguisher installation, and we provide the following services:

  • Fire extinguisher installation
  • Fire extinguisher maintenance and testing
  • Fire extinguisher training


Fire Extinguisher Installation

We can help you pinpoint the types of fire extinguishers you need and where they should be situated, depending on your business. Our service also includes installing instructions and relevant signage.

Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Testing

We offer comprehensive and fully documented servicing, maintenance and testing schedules for fire extinguishers, which ensures that your equipment is fully operational whenever you need it.

Fire Extinguisher Training

We can make sure your nominated staff can use all relevant types of fire extinguisher efficiently and effectively and can regularly check the operational condition of the equipment.


Fire Extinguisher Experts London

All of our London fire extinguisher services are delivered by industry experts. Our fire extinguisher team have delivered training and made fire extinguisher provisions for many happy customers and always go above and beyond to help you keep your business and its people safe.


Fire Extinguisher Regulations

The rules surrounding fire extinguisher use and placement can be complicated, here we will help you understand how the law applies to you, what your choices are when it comes to fire extinguishers, and how we can use our knowledge and experience to help you stay in control.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which governs fire safety in commercial premises talks about fire extinguisher provision and training. As a minimum, you need to ensure that you have the appropriate fire extinguishers available, together with instructions for their use. It’s also essential that nominated members of staff are trained to use them properly.


Types of Fire Extinguisher

It’s also important to know what kind of extinguishers you need, how many are required, and where they should be situated.

As always, the exact nature of your business and your premises will dictate what kind of extinguishers you need, but the following types of colour-coded fire extinguishers are generally available:

  • Red colour block: Water Fire Extinguisher – suitable only for solid materials such as paper, wood and textiles
  • Black: Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers – effective against electrical fires
  • Cream: Foam Fire Extinguishers – useful against solid material fires and flammable liquids
  • Blue: Powder Fire Extinguishers – can be used on most types of fire
  • Yellow: Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers – ideal for cooking fires that may involve burning oil and fat


Enquire About Our London Fire Extinguisher Services

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