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Fire Alarm Servicing & Provision in London

Keeping you and your London based business fully protected from fire means staying alert to potential dangers by installing – and relying on – fire alarms. Fire alarm systems are so important because they can keep you, your business and your people fully protected from fire and from the significant financial costs that dealing with fire can bring.

Fire alarms need to be an integral part of any fire safety plan, and our services, which range from installing and servicing alarm systems, to ensure any new system fully complies with all regulations, can help.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

All commercial buildings from offices and shops through to schools, hospitals and even animal housings are subject to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which aims to ensure that all premises meet a minimum fire safety standard.

All fire alarm systems work in a similar way. They are activated by a detector which usually detects smoke or heat, or manually by someone breaking a glass protected switch. Following activation, the fire alarm system will sound an alarm and may also automatically alert the emergency services.

Some fire alarms are also linked to signalling and emergency lighting systems which help people evacuate and help direct the emergency services to the source of the fire.

The major types of fire alarm system include:

  • Conventional fire alarm systems
  • Addressable fire alarm systems
  • Analogue addressable fire alarm systems
  • Wireless fire alarm systems

Conventional fire alarm systems consist of a number of detectors arranged in zones, all wired to a central control panel. The system can narrow down the location of the fire to a particular zone and will usually switch on the alarm sounders.

Addressable fire alarm systems are slightly more complicated and take the conventional design one step further by being able to pinpoint exactly which detector has been activated.

Analogue addressable fire alarm systems are also referred to as intelligent fire alarm systems and consist of a number of detectors, each with its own onboard computer which sends detailed information to the control panel.

Wireless fire alarm systems increase the benefits of an analogue system by using wire-free communications between detectors and the control panel, meaning detectors can be installed faster and in previously inaccessible locations.

Your Fire Alarm Strategy

Fitting and maintaining fire alarms is a specialist job because the results of a poorly serviced could be unthinkable. It’s always a good idea to work with a specialist provider.

We understand that the process can quickly become complicated. That’s why we offer our experience and knowledge when it comes to the design and installation of alarm systems.

Our team of fire safety professionals can help with initial design through to complete installation and maintenance packages, and we can supply and fit state of the art custom systems to any type of commercial premises.

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Whether you need fire alarm design or a complete installation and maintenance package, we can help keep your business fully protected.

If you’d like to find out more about our fire alarm provision, maintenance and installation services, or to hear our ideas on what would make the best alarm system for your business, or even how our fire alarm services can form part of your existing property maintenance or building maintenance strategy contact us now.

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