Facilities Management London

A facilities management service gives you access to expertly delivered support service for your property. This includes a variety of cleaning services including office cleaning and deep cleans. Facilities management also entails property maintenance services such as repairs, maintenance and servicing for boilers, air con, electric and more.

Our London facilities management service allows you to develop a relationship with us and have all your facility needs met through a dependable company with an intimate knowledge of your premises and its requirements. Streamlining your cleaning and maintenance with an all-encompassing facility management service is one of the best ways to keep your premises in top condition – all whilst saving you time and reducing disruption to your day to day business activities. 

Our dedicated cleaning and maintenance teams work throughout London and the south east. To learn more about the facility management services we provide in your area visit the page corresponding with the links below:


Our Facilities Management Services

Our vast range of services we can deliver to our facility management clients can be broadly parsed into two main categories: cleaning and maintenance. We provide an extensive range of services in both categories. all of which are delivered by highly experienced and qualified specialists.

Equipped with the very best cleaning agents, tools and a wealth of experience, our cleaning teams can tackle any task. Whatever your facility’s cleaning needs our seasoned cleaners can take care of it.

Our maintenance services cover a selection of servicing, repair and preventative maintenance solutions. Utilising an extensive team of experts we can provide the perfect team for the job no matter the challenge. We can work with boilers and AC units as well as electrics. Kiasu Workforce’s facility management includes access to the very best plumbers too. We can also help your business meet its fire safety needs through a fire door installation, fire extinguisher provision and other related services. 


Our London Facility Management Team

At Kiasu Workforce we can deliver a wide range of facility management services due to our extensive team of experienced and skilled industry experts. We have a full team of cleaners, plumbers, electricians and more all equipped with the training and qualifications needed to deliver top tier facility management. 

All of our team members are experienced in their respective field and complete all tasks quickly, effectively and with minimal disruption to your business. Plus with full-service facility management, we gain a fuller picture of a property’s requirements from working across many areas of a business. This means every service we deliver is even more informed and tailored to your needs. 


Enquire About Facilities Management 

Our facilities management package, and the many services included within it, is available to businesses across London. We can work with any business and a wide range of premises, creating a tailored facility management solution which meets your specific needs. To learn more about our London facility management services and how we can keep your business running smoothly contact us by calling 020 8988 1662.