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Emergency Lighting Installation & Servicing in London

If you or your London-based business has ever been involved in emergency planning, the chances are that emergency lighting formed a significant part of those plans.

At Kiasu Workforce, we’re able to design, install and test any type of maintained, non-maintained or sustained emergency lighting system. What’s more, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your emergency lighting systems and procedures meet all regulations and work hard to protect your business, staff, and customers.

Why is Emergency Lighting Important?

Failsafe lighting is vital in any commercial environment. It can often mean the difference between quickly recovering from an emergency or suffering loss of customers, income or possibly worse because of a delayed response.

Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, every employer is required to identify the risks to people who enter the employer’s premises. So if you run a business, you’re required to carry out risk assessments that identify any measures you must take to safeguard anyone inside your building.

What’s more, regular and routine inspection and testing of the emergency lighting system according to the current British Standards BS 5266-1: 2005 is also essential in identifying any deterioration within existing emergency lighting systems, and specifying any required maintenance work.

Emergency Lighting Services from the Experts

At Kiasu, we’re able to design, install and test any type of emergency lighting system and we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your systems and procedures meet all regulations.

We can also develop and implement a comprehensive emergency lighting testing programme for your business and help make sure that you clearly see where your responsibilities lie – and what’s involved in meeting them.

The first step in our comprehensive service comprises an expert survey and assessment of your needs.

For existing installations, we carry out a full inspection and test of your emergency lighting installation and provide you with a detailed report listing any faults or repairs necessary.

We then split our service into the following areas:

  • Design – When designing an emergency lighting system we take a huge number of factors into account.
  • Commission – All new emergency lighting installations can be commissioned independently by our engineers.
  • Maintain – We offer comprehensive emergency lighting maintenance programmes for both new and existing installations.

Finally, our fully qualified and experienced team focus on carry out any emergency lighting repairs and installations with minimum disruption to your business.

Contact our London-based Team

If you’d like to find out more about our emergency lighting services, or you’d like a consultation on how we could work with you to reduce risks and keep your people safe, or discuss how emergency lighting can form part of your existing property maintenance or building maintenance strategy, contact us now.

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