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Car Park & Road Marking Services in London

With the waves of traffic that the streets of London have to handle every day, road marking is vital to maintaining safety and harmony for all drivers. Our road line marking services at Kiasu Workforce includes refreshing car parking bays and reinforcing worn away road lines.  We can help you maintain a clear system in the roads surrounding your commercial property.

If you’ve had building or construction work completed near your premises in London or anywhere else in the UK, your bay markings will likely need a refresh. Road lines can become worn down from the treads of heavy construction machines. This, combined with the dust created from heavy-duty work, can quickly reduce the appearance and visibility of your road lines. Our London-based team at Kiasu Workforce would be glad to restore your private or commercial car park and roads to the high-quality standard you should expect.

We can carry out all car park and road line marking quickly, accurately, and to a high standard. We strive to carry out all line marking work with minimum disruption to your business operations and staff.


Road & Line Marking London

Our team of marking contractors here at Kiasu can help refresh any road markings, including car parking bays for shopping centres, disabled spaces, and ‘keep clear’ zones. Maintaining crisp marking is essential for order in any car park or on any private road, or drivers won’t recognise where their vehicle is supposed to be.

In addition to refreshing current markings, we’re also happy to create designated parking bays from scratch and add any signs you require in a variety of colours. Our road marking specialists are fully qualified and trained to give you prompt and professional services in and around London. Our road marking team can also help businesses anywhere in the UK. We use various surface treatments to suit any road surface or car park ground and use the highest quality anti-skid paint for our markings.

Kiasu Workforce works across London’s domestic, business, and retail environments to keep car park lines and road markings clear and safely visible. If you are a new business owner, we can refresh your car park markings or any lines on roads around your business premises when you’re looking to update your painting and decoration inside the office! After all, getting into the workplace safely is just as important as how the office looks internally.


Contact our London-Based Road Marking Team

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