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Office Cleaning Services in London

Organised desks mean organised minds, but maintaining a clean workplace is no easy feat. However, with our experienced team of office cleaners, your London-based commercial property is in capable hands! Whether you’re interested in monthly office deep cleaning, or an annual service, Kiasu Workforce is here to help. After all, the health of your employees and the cleanliness of your building are worth some investment.

As an employer, you have a legal responsibility to uphold health and safety in your office. Cleanliness falls into this bracket since clutter can cause accidents while bacteria can spread disease. With a deep cleaning contract from Kiasu Workforce, you can delegate labour-intensive tasks to a competent team.


What Does Office Deep Cleaning Include?

Any office cleaning services performed by our team involve sterilising, disinfecting and decontaminating your London-based property. We’re licensed to operate specialist cleaning equipment around your office, dedicated to killing viruses and sanitising all surfaces. Our focus is primarily on hard-to-reach corners of your building that harbour pesky dust and germs.

Other Elements Of Office Deep Cleaning Are:

  • Upholstery disinfection. Shared sofas in communal spaces are a hotspot for dirt and bacteria. Even office chairs can retain germs in their fabric! We’ll confront any viruses clinging to your furniture during a deep clean, so you needn’t worry.
  • Carpet decontamination. Similarly to furniture, bacteria can cling to the fabric of your carpet. Dirt can easily be trodden into your flooring and prove a nightmare to confront. Your London-based office and its flooring are in capable hands with a deep clean from Kiasu Workforce.
  • Touchpoint sanitisation. While you can regularly disinfect handrails and handles with antibacterial spray, our antiviral solution kills over 99% of pathogens. Any germs you miss with a quick wipe stand no chance against our deep cleaning.


What Are The Benefits Of Office Deep Cleans?

While office deep cleaning sessions are an additional expense, they prove their worth in the long run. Your London-based business is guaranteed to benefit from our assessment and attention! Both the building and your staff will appreciate your demonstration of care and concern.

You’ll Notice:

  • Furniture and appliances last longer. Removal of the hidden dirt and dust on your items will prevent overheating, rust and decay.
  • Staff aren’t sick as frequently. When your premises are deep cleaned, and bacteria is busted, illness struggles to spread through your office.
  • Visitors are impressed by your cleanliness. With the assistance of an office cleaning company in London, your premises prove spotless! An immaculate office sets a great first impression.
  • Employee retention increases. As you demonstrate you value the health and safety of your workforce, they’ll appreciate your mindful approach to management.


One-Off And Routine Office Deep Cleaning London

Busier commercial premises with plenty of staff could benefit from a deep clean once every three months. At the same time, small offices only require an annual service. Kiasu Workforce will consider the size of your workforce, the unique risks your premises pose, and the number of employees you’re responsible for protecting! Any office deep cleaning services we provide in North, South, East or West London are sure to be tailored to your requirements.

To arrange a one-off or routine office deep cleaning service, contact us. You won’t regret it!