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Emergency Electrician in London

Our team of emergency electricians offer prompt and reliable service to both domestic and commercial properties around London. Feel free to give us a call no matter the time of day! Fully qualified and approved engineers are available to fix blown fuses 24/7, 365 days a year. Especially during the winter, Kiasu Workforce understands you can’t afford to go a day without functional electric heating.

When addressing faults, inspecting sockets and fitting security lights, you won’t find a more reasonable and responsive team around London. Additionally, our hourly rate for emergency electric services is competitive. We don’t charge costs for travel or a night fee. The standard hourly rate is all you will ever pay.


Do You Need An Emergency Electrician?

It can be challenging to determine an emergency with your property’s electricity. You won’t always require an electrical engineer immediately, as minor faults don’t threaten safety! It is worth noting regular planned preventive maintenance on your electrics minimises the likelihood of you requiring emergency attention. Kiasu Workforce can help here. We offer scheduled electrical installations for domestic and commercial properties around London.

You Need An Emergency Electrician If:

  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently. Faulty circuit breakers need inspecting and replacing quickly. Depending on the severity of the issue, more than the circuit breaker may need repair.
  • You alone have got no power. If you’re the only local property without electricity, there is an indication of a serious fault. To get your fridge-freezer and your heating running again, call our team.
  • You’ve noticed stained outlets or switches. Black smoke and streaks on your electrics suggest overheating caused by unsafe wiring. Turn off the circuit and get in contact.
  • Your lights are dimming or flashing. Flickering lights result from an overloaded circuit, while dimmed lights can indicate a bad circuit breaker. An engineer will identify the issue.
  • You can smell burning. Rubbery scents from your circuit breaker box or appliances can precede the blowing of a fuse or even a fire in extreme circumstances. Turn off the switches of areas affected.
  • You can hear new noises in your circuit panel. Buzzing or hissing sounds occur when breakers are stuck and circuits can’t switch off. Wires can overheat here and cause a fire.


Why Trust Kiasu For Emergency Electrical Repairs?

Our London-based, polite and professional team of engineers tailor all work uniquely to your needs. Whether you’re a domestic customer or you manage a chain of warehouses that need our attention, we value your property as though it’s ours. You can rely on us for planned electrical maintenance and annual servicing, as well as emergency repairs, for a reasonable price.

Our Emergency Electrical Services Include:

  • Fixing fuse board problems.
  • Inspecting nuisance trips.
  • Repairing blown fuses.
  • Investigating and repairing lighting faults.
  • Managing tripped circuits.

If you need an emergency electrician for maintenance or repair services in London, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our phone lines are always open. We understand that electrical problems don’t take days off, so neither do we.