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Deep Cleaning

Disinfect your business or residential premises and prevent the spread of viruses with our London deep cleaning service. As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, Kiasu Workforce now offers regular or one-off cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

We provide our deep cleaning and antiviral sanitisation service across all areas of London. Our professional cleaners will carry out a thorough clean using certified antiviral detergents, so you know you will clear all germs.

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How Our London Deep Cleaning Service Works

Our one-time London cleaning service includes thoroughly sterilising, disinfecting, and decontaminating buildings. We use professional cleaning equipment to ensure a certified antiviral clean covering all areas. Our team also uses a bio mist fogging technique that kills over 99% of harmful pathogens. Once each room has been filled with a fine mist, the particles settle onto all surfaces – killing bacteria, spores, and viruses FAST.

We can manage small, large, and hard-to-reach areas with minimal downtime, providing little disruption and maximum protection.

Commercial and Residential One-Off Cleaning London

If you manage commercial premises, we will work closely with you to offer an appropriate level of deep cleaning for you. If your property is residential, we will aim to have your entire home cleaned in just over 2 hours! Our services include carpet and upholstery cleaning and more! Kiasu can transform your home and ensure that it is safe from germs.

The Importance of Disinfection and Deep Cleaning

Disinfection and deep cleaning are fundamental to preventing the spread of viruses such as COVID-19, the flu, and other airborne pathogens. COVID-19 and other viruses can live all over your surfaces and be passed from person to person by touch. If you do not thoroughly clean your environment, you risk your health and others’.

Dangerous bacteria can quickly spread through your workforce or family and be transmitted to the public too. The risk of illness being introduced to workplaces and transmitted between colleagues is exceptionally high in commercial buildings. Busy workspaces have high footfall from both employees and customers, and more hands mean more germs.

Ensuring you regularly disinfect with certified detergents is vital to safeguard health in popular environments. Kiasu Workforce’s disinfection service focuses on cleaning touchpoints such as door handles, handrails, switches, staff welfare facilities, and communal areas. Sensible cleaning and care are crucial in limiting the spread of viruses like COVID-19.

Our Deep Cleaning Services

One-off disinfection and deep cleaning are designed to cleanse any commercial properties thoroughly. Cleaning sessions are essential for various reasons outlined above. Unlike routine cleaning, our fogging disinfection and deep cleaning are specially designed to tackle dirt and bacteria build-up.

No matter how thorough you are in your day-to-day maintenance, there will be patches of flooring or furniture that don’t receive regular cleaning. A deep clean will focus more intently on all building areas. Our staff are fully equipped to tackle tricky corners usually overlooked by a sweeping general clean. A deep clean is a complete necessity before reopening an office, store, restaurant, hotel, or facility.

Spring cleaning simply isn’t enough following the Coronavirus outbreak. A sanitisation service will freshen your property from lingering germs and protect your staff before they return to any business premises.

Who Can Use Our One-Off Cleaning Services?

Our professional cleaners work across all commercial, industrial and residential sectors. We are raring and ready to deep clean any premises, including retail stores, rental properties, and schools of any size. Landlords, homeowners, and block managers alike maintain responsibility for protecting the health and safety of their occupants. Because our cleaning services are built around your unique needs, we can manage antiviral disinfection and deep clean any property.

Contact Our Team

If you need to deep clean a commercial or residential London property, get in touch with the Kiasu team. We’ll discuss how to help you with a tailored deep cleaning solution. The Kiasu team has the skills, experience, and equipment to remove dirt and pathogens from your property. We also help reduce the spread of illness through intense antiviral sanitisation that kills bacteria and germs.

To contact us email or call us on 0208 988 1662.

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