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Boiler Installation

The boiler is the heart of any home, pumping hot water to every room and every corner. Without it, you’d have no heating and no comfort! The same is true in commercial and industrial premises, too. Choosing the correct boiler to install is critical, and you need a professional to complete the job. That’s what we’re here for at Kiasu Workforce. We’re dedicated to fitting the ideal boiler for your London-based property, no matter whether you’re in the South, East, North or West boroughs.

We understand that boiler installation is a pressing task, and you can’t go without hot water for long. Your warmth is our priority, so we’ll complete any job with a level of efficiency that suggests it’s our own home. You won’t find a team that cares more about your experience.


Commercial Boiler Installation in London

Domestic and commercial boilers differ in terms of the amount of energy they can output. Choosing the correct commercial boiler for your industrial premises can be critical to your business success. The suitable model will consider the size of your rooms and how much energy you’ll need without overspending. At Kiasu Workforce, we can help you select the perfect commercial boiler, and then we’ll install it for you.

Don’t risk a rushed and careless boiler fitting. You’re more likely to require repairs down the line, so a cheap installation can end up costing you more money in the long run. Trust our London-based team at Kiasu Workforce with all your business’ boiler needs.


Gas and Electric Boiler Installation in London

It’s time to refresh your boiler and install a new model. Should you go for gas or electrical? Our engineers can help you decide what will work best for your building. In addition to installation, we offer servicing and boiler repairs  to keep your heating in top shape. Your home in London is in safe and capable hands, so you needn’t stress.

Benefits Of Gas Boiler Installation:

  • It boasts cheaper heating bills than electric boilers.
  • It can meet higher demands for hot water and heating.
  • It proves straightforward to maintain for homes connected to the gas grid.
  • It provides more options on models since there are lots on the market.

Benefits Of Electric Boiler Installation:

  • It remains quieter than a gas model when heating the home.
  • It offers zero risk of carbon monoxide leaking.
  • It can be flexibly performed since there isn’t a flue pipe.
  • It doesn’t emit harmful gas as it heats the home.

If you’re still unsure about the boiler you should choose, you needn’t worry. We’ve got a dedicated helpdesk team to answer any questions you have! You can be confident you’ll receive plenty of support with any of our London-based boiler services.


Contact Us To Arrange Boiler Installation

Our engineers are raring to go and ready to help. With Kiasu Workforce, there are no call out charges, no additional travel costs, and we’re proactive in saving your money where possible. Contact us today, and benefit from our heating expertise and exceptional service.