PAT Testing in Orpington

When you use electrical equipment in your business, you need to be aware of the number of Health and Safety laws and regulations that require you to inspect and test each item on a regular basis. 

Any appliance in the workplace connected to electricity via a lead and plug must be included in a Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) scheme.

When the time comes to undergo PAT testing, we can conduct a comprehensive PAT testing service that is cost effective and a simple way to remove the risks to your employees, premises and business from a range of electrical faults.

PAT Testing Services for your Orpington-based Business

At Kiasu Workforce, we can deliver a full suite of PAT testing services to properties across Orpington.

Our fully qualified PAT testers perform a number of comprehensive checks, including:

  • Identification of any signs of damage to appliances and their supply cords
  • Testing the functionality of all switches
  • Determining how well any fuses are connected
  • Inspecting the condition of all live, neutral and earth wires
  • Thorough visual inspections of all plugs and leads

Our service is designed to minimise and remove any risks and it also offers the following advantages:

  • All tests are carried out onsite to ensure minimal disruption to your business
  • We can cover any appliance from a kettle to a computer
  • A full log of all tests is maintained for future reference
  • We can make you aware of missing equipment during repeat checks
  • Get reminders when tests are due
  • We can help keep your equipment as safe as your people

Contact our Team of PAT Testing Engineers in Orpington

If you’d like a consultation on how we could work with you to reduce risks and keep your people safe, or you’d like to find out how PAT testing could form a key part of your existing property maintenance strategy, contact us now – give us a call on 020 8988 1662.

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