Fire Risk Assessment West London

No matter what your business does, you need to take fire safety seriously. At Kiasu, we provide a west London fire safety assessment service to help you do exactly this. Protecting your employees should be a top concern and doing so entails working to both prevent fires and act responsively should one occur. With a fire risk assessment, you can identify areas for improvement, allowing you to make informed changes which will reduce your risk and better deal with the potential for fire.

Our team of fire safety experts have provided fire risk assessments across west London to a wide range of businesses. We can work with businesses of any type and properties of all kinds. In every assessment, we work to identify risks such as potential ignition and fuel sources. We identify the measures which should be taken to mitigate the risks in every report we produce. Furthermore, we also identify people at risk. Your employees’ wellbeing is extremely important and in an event of a fire some people are at higher risk. In our assessment, we will identify these people so that you can make accommodations to better protect them.

From preventing fires by improving how combustible materials are stored, to ensuring your alarm system is functioning and effective evacuation procedures are in place, our assessment covers all areas of fire safety. With each area of our west London fire risk assessment, we produce recommended changes. Many of these changes can typically be carried out by your organisation. However, some require specialist services from trained fire safety experts. At Kiasu Workforce, we have such experts in house. This makes transitioning from the fire risk assessment to implementing the changes seamlessly. the services our west London fire safety team provide include fire alarm installation, fire alarm maintenance and fire door installation.


Fire Alarm Installation West London

In the event of a fire, fire alarms are in many ways your first defence. They can alert you to a fire so that you can put it out before it spreads if it is safe to do so or evacuate if that is the better course of action. As such you must have an effective fire alarm system present throughout the building. If your fire risk assessment identifies the need for fire alarm installation or maintenance, Kiasu Workforce is the team for you.


Fire Door Installation West London

Fire doors are essential to any property’s fire safety. At Kiasu workforce our dedicated team of fire safety experts can provide fire door installations across west London. Working from the finding of our west London fire risk assessment team our fire door installation team can make all the necessary changes. our experts can complete the installation of the doors, which will be specially chosen for your needs, with minimal disruption to your business activities.


Enquire About Our West London Fire Risk Assessments

If you need a fire risk assessment to identify weaknesses in your fire safety speak to our team by calling 0208 988 1662. We would love to discuss your needs and talk through how we can help you prevent workplace fires and effectively respond to them if they do occur.

Property Maintenance Services Across London

Kiasu Workforce provides property maintenance services to domestic and commercial properties across North London, South London, East London, and West London. From emergency plumbing and electrical works to boiler repair and planned preventative maintenance.