Fire Risk Assessment South London

Kiasu Workforce is dedicated to helping businesses protect their employees and property. As part of this, we provide a south London fire risk assessment service. Working with business of all kinds and a variety of property types, our fire safety exerts carry out in-depth risk assessments. As with all of our services our fire risk assessments are carried out with minimal disruption to your business by experienced professionals.

We deliver a customer-centric service and pay a lot of attention to details. Fire risk assessments are important to the health and wellbeing of your employees. We take our role in protecting your employees extremely seriously. In an assessment, we will identify hazards and make recommendations to improve your business’ fire safety. We identify potential sources of ignition and fuel sources. We will address the storage of combustible materials as well as address the people who are most at risk. In the case of a fire, there will be certain people within your organization who are most at risk we will identify these people and provide solutions and accommodations to protect them in the event of a fire.

Following a fire risk assessment, you will have changes to make. Some of these changes can be carried out by your organisation whilst others will require you to bring in experts from outside. Our detailed reports enable third parties to understand the present risks in your business and the proposed solutions. However, as we become familiar with your business and its needs throughout the assessment, we are likely to be the best solution for carrying out the recommended changes. Our team of south London fire safety experts can carry out a variety of specialist services including fire alarm installation and fire door installation.


Fire Alarm Installation South London

Seamlessly transitioning from our fire risk assessment, we can deliver fire alarm installations and fire alarm maintenance. Fire alarms are essential to good fire safety and we take a lot of care in all of our fire alarm services. Using our in-depth knowledge of fire safety developed through years of fire risk assessments in south London, alongside our intricate knowledge of your specific needs, we can supply your entire property with an effective and reliable fire alarm system.


Fire Door Installation South London

Another essential element of fire safety is fire doors. Something which may come up in your fire assessment is installation or changes to your fire doors. If this is the case we can provide a comprehensive fire door installation service. Our south London fire safety experts can choose the right doors for your requirements and carry out the installation with minimal disruption to your business.


Enquire About Our South London Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety is an essential aspect of any business. Contact us today to discuss how our south London fire assessment team can help you. You can contact us by calling 0208 988 1662 or by emailing Our experienced fire safety team are here to help you better protect your employees by preventing workplace fires and having the right systems in place if one does occur.

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Kiasu Workforce provides property maintenance services to domestic and commercial properties across North London, South London, East London, and West London. From emergency plumbing and electrical works to boiler repair and planned preventative maintenance.