Fire Risk Assessment North London

Fire safety is fundamental to protecting your business and its employees. Our team of assessors provide fire risk assessments in North London. We have experience providing fire risk assessments for all kinds of businesses and building types. We do so with minimal disruption to your business at a time that suits you. Our fire risk assessments are effective and in-depth. In addition to our years of experience and highly qualified risk assessment team, we put great emphasis on our customer service. Kiasu Workforce is the go-to fire risk assessors in North London and would love to help you better protect your business.

A fire risk assessment will identify hazards such as sources of ignition and materials which are improperly stored. We look at even the smallest of intricacies which could pose a fire risk, including the use of electronic devices and extension cords. In the event of a fire, you need a reliable alarm system and the ability to evacuate the building safely. Our fire risk assessments will determine whether you meet these requirements. We will also work to identify people at risk and where new accommodations need to be made to protect them.


North London Fire Safety Services

Our fire risk assessments will identify weaknesses in your fire safety. Some of these issues can be resolved internally but some will require specialist fire safety services. Our detailed risk assessment will outline all the areas for improvement, allowing third parties to understand the issues and resolve them. As the team behind the assessment, Kiasu Workforce will have an intimate understanding of your specific requirements – which we can meet with our own fire safety services. Continuing to work with our team of experts after the assessment makes the process as seamless as possible. Some of the services which require a professional and can be carried out by our north London fire safety team are:


Fire Alarm Installation North London

Your fire alarm system is essential to fire safety. In the event of a fire, you need to be alerted quickly. Our north London fire safety team can install fire alarms throughout your building. After a fire risk assessment, our team will have a thorough understanding of your building and fire alarm needs. We can easily transition from an assessment to fire alarm installation and fire alarm maintenance.


Fire Door Installation North London

Another crucial part of building fire safety is fire door installation. Our north London fire door installation service has been used by many businesses and continues to help companies protect their employees. We have a team of experts who can help you choose the right door for your needs. As with our fire alarm installations our team can seamlessly transition from a fire risk assessment to our fire door installation service.


Enquire About Our North London Fire Risk Assessments

To speak to us about a risk assessment and learn more about how our north London fire risk assessment and fire safety experts can help you, call us on 0208 988 1662. You can also email us at

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