Fire Risk Assessment East London

Operating across East London, our expert team carry out fire risk assessments for a variety of businesses. We work across buildings of all types for businesses of all kinds. Our thorough, in-depth assessments highlight areas for improvement so you know what to do to keep your employees safe.

A workplace fire is one of the biggest and most dangerous challenges any business can face. It is vitally important that you take every measure to prevent a fire and have the correct systems in place should one occur. Our east London fire risk assessment service will identify potential hazards. We look at potential points of ignition and fuel sources as well as sources of oxygen.

We will also look at people at risk and recommend ways to better accommodate and protect them. In the event of a fire, you will need both an effective fire alarm system and adequate means of evacuating the building. Kiasu Workforce’s east London fire risk assessment team will also look into any improvements needed regarding these.

Following a risk assessment, you will be provided with recommendations for changes which need to be carried out. Some remedials can be carried out by yourself but others will require a fire safety specialist. Our reports are detailed and can be used by any specialist, however, the intimate knowledge of your needs we gain from carrying out the assessment makes us the perfect team to make the changes. We can provide the following services:


Fire Alarm Installation East London

Our fire safety services include fire alarm installation. Working from the recommendations outlined in our east London fire assessment service, our fire alarm installation team carry out both installations and fire alarm maintenance. Transitioning from our risk assessment to a fire alarm installation is seamless and causes minimal disruption to your business. In the event of a fire (which will be far lower once you complete the recommendations from your fire risk assessment) you need an effective and reliable alarm system.


Fire Door Installation East London

We also provide fire door installation. Our fire risk assessment will identify any changes to fire doors and our east London fire safety team can provide the installation. The transition from assessment to installation is easy and allows us to provide quick and effective service. Our fire safety experts will assure you have the best doors for your needs and are well protected if there is an office fire.


Enquire about our East London Fire Risk Assessments

Fire safety should be a top priority for every business. At Kiasu Workforce our east London fire risk assessment team can help your business identify the steps it needs to take for better fire safety. To discuss your business risk assessment needs call us on 0208 988 1662. We work with businesses across east London and can work with all kinds of business premises. Call us on the number above or email us at

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