Fire Door Installation in Kent

Fire doors play a critical role in the overall fire safety in a building and are required by law in almost all buildings in the UK. 

We offer internal fire door installation and maintenance services in commercial properties across Kent to ensure that your fire doors are fitted safely and to the highest industry standards.

Our team are fully qualified installers so you can have peace of mind that your internal fire doors will be fully compliant with legal requirements. 

Choosing the Best Internal Fire Doors

When choosing the right internal fire door for your building, you can find fire door guidance in the building regulations – in UK Approved Document B (2006) – that covers where fire doors should be fitted and what level of fire resistance each fire door should have.

You should consider a number of factors including the material and thickness of the door; the level of maintenance required; the durability and warranty of the door; and whether your building has chemicals or materials that can spread fire fast.

Internal fire doors are essential to safety so they must be the correct specification, installed to the required standard and maintained to ensure the ongoing safety of all occupants in the building.

Installing Internal Fire Doors in Kent

Getting the installation process right is just as important as the product specification itself because poorly installed fire doors won’t provide adequate protection for the building’s occupants. 

Fire doors should only be installed by someone who has been specifically trained to install fire doors and fully understands the responsibilities of getting it right.

Here at Kiasu, our team are experts at fire door installation so you can be confident that all fire doors are installed in accordance with fire door manufacturers instructions. This will ensure that they will perform as required in a fire situation.

Maintaining Internal Fire Doors

Internal fire doors can be used like any other doors so are subject to everyday wear and tear. This can lead to the fire door not being as effective as it should be and not being able to last half an hour it should in the event of a fire.

Fire doors need to be regularly checked and maintained to make sure that they’re still functioning properly and can perform as needed should the worst happen.

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