Deep Cleaning in South London

With the recent outbreak of Covid-19, many businesses have either had to shut or reduce entry. Kiasu Workforce can help to get you back up and running safely with either regular or one-off deep cleaning services in South London. This service is also available to residential homes that have been affected by the virus.

The main goal of a deep cleaning service is to help clear your property from any harmful pathogens that may be residing there. Through sterilisation, disinfection and decontamination via a powerful biomist, we can provide you with a complete anti-viral clean of your space. The fog that comes from the biomist eventually settles on to the surfaces in each room and kills harmful bacteria and viruses. Depending on the size of the property, downtimes can be minimal, yet the deep cleaning service provides you with maximum coverage.

If your property is a commercial premise, we will work alongside your management to ensure that we provide the best level of service for your specific building and business setting. If you own a residential property that requires a deep clean, rest assured in that we can perform the service in just over 2 hours.


Why Deep Cleaning is Essential

Not only is deep cleaning necessary to remove significant dirt build-up, it is also vital to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria within your building. Commercial properties typically experience high footfall. This large number of people leads to a much higher chance of the spread of illness. For instance, people touch all areas of your property and its furnishings, leaving behind pathogens. These are then picked up by other people who, in turn, spread it throughout the building, passing it to more and more people. Staff taking time off sick can be disruptive to any business and if it reaches a significant scale the consequences to a business can be devastating. This makes it vitally important to work to prevent the spread of harmful microorganisms. A deep clean will kill most pathogens, reducing the chance of infection.


Our South London Deep Cleaning Services

Kiasu workforce has experience carrying our commercial deep cleans in South London for properties of all kinds. From kitchens to office buildings we can provide a deep cleaning service to any commercial property. When a business leaves a property, they or the landlord will often need to carry out a deep clean. When moving into a new property you may also require a deep clean, especially if you have had refurbishments. In some cases, you may also need to have a deep clean before refurbishments can be carried out. Many businesses, especially those held to high hygienic standards, such as restaurants, will also usually require a deep clean prior to opening. In each of these situations and many more, Kiasu Workforce can help.


Contact Our Deep Cleaning South London Team

If your South London property needs a deep clean get in touch with us. We can discuss your requirements and talk you through what our expert South London deep cleaning team can do for your property. We offer a tailored service so we can handle any job. No matter your needs get in touch with us by calling 02018 988 1662 or email and we can talk about how Kiasu Workforce can help you.

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