Deep Cleaning in North London

With the Covid-19 outbreak taking hold of the world and causing disruption to many businesses in North London, Kiasu Workforce can offer both regular or one-off deep cleaning and disinfection services. This is an offer extended to both commercial premises and residential properties.

The deep cleaning service from Kiasu uses a specialist piece of cleaning equipment that helps provide a complete anti-viral deep clean. We spray a disinfectant biomist, sterilising, disinfecting and decontaminating all required buildings, rooms and areas. The fogging action kills over 99% of harmful pathogens that may be contaminating your area. Through this misting process, particles of disinfectant settle onto all surfaces in the room, killing bacteria, spores and viruses quickly and efficiently. This service has a small downtime and can reach all types of areas.

Regarding commercial premises, Kiasu will work with your management to ensure that the level of services offered is appropriate to you and your setting. If the property is residential, we can have every aspect of your home deep cleaned in a little over 2 hours.


Why Deep Cleaning Is Important

Commercial properties such as retail stores and restaurants must meet a high standard of hygiene. Whilst general cleaning goes some way towards maintaining this standard, dirt and grime can still build up and a deep clean is required to fully achieve the rigorous cleanliness required. In many cases, such as when first moving into a property, a deep clean is required before you can begin to implement a regular cleaning procedure. Whilst the cleanliness of a property aids its appearance, making it more appealing to customers, one of the core focuses of a deep clean is to reduce the spread of illness. The high footfall traffic of commercial properties means that people are constantly touching things, contaminating surfaces with pathogens, which can then be then picked up by other people. This is how viruses are transmitted and preventing widescale breakouts of an illness such as the flu is dependent on killing these bacteria. A deep clean will tackle this bacteria build up and protect your business and its employees from flu and other costly illness outbreaks.


Our North London Deep Cleaning Services

Whether you are preparing to open a new commercial property or are leaving an old one, Kiasu workforce can provide a deep clean to bring it up to the required hygienic and cleanliness standards. Often a deep clean is needed before and after refurbishments as well as when you leave a commercial property. Kiasu Workforce’s North London deep clean team are on hand to help in all these scenarios and more. We tailor our deep cleans to your business and your facility which means we can work in all properties from industrial facilities to commercial kitchens and office buildings.


Contact Our Deep Cleaning North London Team

If you have a facility in North London which needs a deep clean to disinfect and remove built up grime and dirt, get in touch with us. We would love to help. Call us on 02018 988 1662 or email to discuss your requirements and we can create a tailored deep clean solution for you.

Property Maintenance Services Across London

Kiasu Workforce provides property maintenance services to domestic and commercial properties across North London, South London, East London, and West London. From emergency plumbing and electrical works to boiler repair and planned preventative maintenance.