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Reducing Utility Bills – Kiasu Workforce

Posted in Plumbing
Published on May 14, 2021

Utility bills are just a fact of life, but you don’t want to be paying more than you’ve got to! Simply switching energy suppliers every couple of years isn’t enough for your home to be as energy-efficient as possible. While we still recommend shopping around for the most affordable energy supplier, here are another few simple steps you can take to securing long-term energy efficiency. These steps will massively assist you with reducing utility bills around the house. 

Checking your way through this list guarantees that you’re paying the best price possible, so you’ve got more money to enjoy outside of the house! Here is our guide to reducing utility bills for your home. 


Use Heating Controls

A room thermostat and programmed radiators could save your home up to £100 a year in utility bills. Heating controls are also just convenient! They’ll keep your home at a comfortable temperature without you having to adjust your radiators continually. Your heating and your hot water can also be timed to suit when you’re in the house, so energy won’t get used when you don’t need it! Even just keeping your home one degree colder could save you hundreds in the long run, so try to grab a jumper rather than fiddle with the thermostat.

Next time you’re performing any property maintenance, get thermostatic radiator valves, a programmer, and a thermostat installed around your home. They’ll prove useful and save you money over the years.


Switch Your Light Bulbs

LED bulbs will be your best friend for an energy-efficient home. The average LED bulb can run for around 25,000 hours, which is equivalent to 25 years. The annual running cost is less than £2, massively reducing utility bills compared to a halogen bulb! Halogen bulbs average at £8.50 to run yearly. While replacing your bulbs is costly at the very beginning, you’ll see that money returned in merely a few months of energy savings.

If you already use energy-saving bulbs, keep an eye out for any new models with better specifications. Also, make sure to turn your lights off when you’ve left any room!


Install a New Boiler

Heating will be responsible for nearly half of your utility bills, so you want to be sure that your boiler is as efficient as possible. Boiler installations, repairs and servicing should take the highest priority in the upkeep of your home, or you’ll be blowing money on wasted energy! A new, modern boiler is much more energy-efficient, so your monthly utility bills will noticeably decrease. Your new model will also have a better programmer, meaning you’ll be able to guarantee it isn’t using energy when it doesn’t need to.

While a new boiler installation can be expensive initially, you’ll save yourself the hassle of waiting for your old one to break down. Start seeing energy savings early, and enjoy the reduced frequency of repair!


Insulate Your Home

Loft and cavity wall insulation will help you retain the heat inside your home, so you’ll need to use less energy to turn your heating up! Drafts in the tops of your windows or the bottom of your doors should be filled to avoid warmth escaping the room. Loft floor rolls will fill all your space upstairs, while cavity walls will need injected material for internal insulation. Your insulation will cost much less to install than it’ll save you in your utility bills!


At Kiasu Workforce, we’re dedicated to supporting our customers in running their homes as smoothly as possible. You can rely on us for plumbing services, boiler care, and general property maintenance! Staying on top of repair jobs around your house, particularly with the boiler, is the first step toward reduced utility bills.