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4 Property Maintenance Jobs to do Before Selling

Posted in Property Maintenance
Published on January 8, 2021

Keeping your home in excellent condition means that the process of selling your property should run smoothly. Buyers are often searching for buildings that require few repairs and little attention, so you’re going to receive more interest if you ensure specific property maintenance tasks are completed before viewings. Something as simple as refreshed painting and decorating around your property could spare you the pain of a buyer choosing another house.

If you don’t know where to start, we’re here to help. Here are 4 property maintenance jobs to do before you sell your home.


Repair and Rejuvenate Flooring

A clear insight into the health of your building is your flooring. Whether it be carpet, vinyl or hardwood, your floors need to look clean and well-maintained. Deep clean your carpets before house viewings, mop your hardwood floors and make sure your vinyl isn’t scuffed or damaged! Replacing poor flooring, or having to perform a deep clean before moving in is a task that buyers will want to avoid. Try to make their lives as easy as possible!

If you need to spend a little extra time or money on the repair and rejuvenation of your flooring, it is still a worthwhile investment. You’re likely to find a buyer much quicker with a pristine property, and they won’t be able to drive your price down based on poor maintenance.


Perform Electrical Checks

A sensible step to take before putting your house on the market is checking your electricals! Sockets need to be fully functional and safe, and you’ll benefit from being confident in the safety of your light fittings too. Electrical works should be a priority for you when you’re preparing your property for sale since sockets and lights are so heavily relied on for the functioning of your house. Any glitchy lighting is a red flag for viewers of your property, and unreliable plug sockets are a safety hazard that no buyer would want to volunteer to handle.

The price of an electrician is well worth the peace of mind you’ll feel knowing that your property is electrically sound, and you won’t lose out on buyers over minor faults.


Assess Your Roof & Drainage

The exterior of your property is equally as important as the interior. If your roof is missing tiles, and your gutters are stuffed full of soggy leaves, you simply aren’t presenting your house in the best light possible. Repairing the tiling of your roof isn’t a job that potential buyers want to be tasked with, and it could make the difference between them choosing your property or another house. 

Consider what will shape the first impression of your building, and focus your property maintenance efforts on those areas. Your roof is one of the first parts of your building that prospective buyers will see before entering the house, so set high expectations with cleanliness.


Fix Drawers and Cabinets

In both your kitchen and bathroom, cabinets and drawers can be a prominent feature of the space and it can be off-putting when they’re in poor condition. A slanted cupboard door could easily make your bathroom look ropey, and squeaky kitchen drawers can be frustrating. Considering fixing them is a minor job, you don’t want to miss out on a sale for poor drawers and cabinets when a handyman could quickly repair them.


For further advice on property maintenance to complete before putting your house on the market, feel free to contact us at Kiasu Workforce.