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3 Home Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

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Published on October 16, 2020

Running a home is no easy task, as building maintenance costs time and money. As with all commitments, though, potential problems are best fixed as soon as they’re noticed. With close care, you can keep your home running as smoothly as possible by avoiding emergency repairs and pre-empting issues that could cost you time to correct in the future. 

Have some consideration for the future you, and read our list of 3 home maintenance mistakes to avoid so that you can save yourself the hassle. 


Not servicing your boiler annually.

Your boiler is the heart of your home, providing heat to all your radiators and hot water to your taps. Without proper care and attention, your boiler could start to leak or have too high or low a pressure to work your central heating. Central heating is vital in keeping your property a comfortable temperature, not too warm or too cold. 

Without the removal of limescale and debris during a boiler service, your boiler can also become very noisy and distracting – which nobody enjoys!

All these problems are easily avoided if you ensure your boiler receives an annual service, at least. A well-running boiler is particularly important in preparation for the winter months, where preserving and maintaining heat inside your home is more necessary than ever.


Not preparing for winter

Maintaining your insulation, preparing your pipes and testing your boiler are all vital steps to making sure your home thrives during the winter. Repairing leaks and gaps in your property structure is vital for protection from harsh weather. Your home’s heat retention will make a great deal of difference to your bills during the colder months.

In the long run, it may be worthwhile to re-fit your windows with triple glazing before the frost hits. Triple glazing will keep your home as warm as possible, as much less heat escapes through the glass. Despite the initial cost of purchase and installation, you won’t have to spend as much on heating to maintain a comfortable environment at home.


Not deep cleaning your property

Illness can be just as costly financially, leaving you bedridden and unable to work, as having to pay for a repair. For this reason, it’s equally important to keep your property as clean as possible as it is as secure as possible. Something as simple as mould growing in a damp area of your home could easily cause a health problem which could have been avoided.

Avoid problems such as aspergillosis from mould, and sickness from invisible germs like E. coli, within your home by considering an annual deep cleaning session. Deep cleaning attacks dirt in the areas of your property that you wouldn’t even consider checking, like around your windows and behind the fridge! This deep cleaning prevents the growth of substances like mould and preserves the materials of your house. Checking for mould as the potential for structural damage is much more cost-effective than a rebuild.

Mould removal is much more costly than mould prevention, and the damage to your building structure in that damp environment could mean an even more expensive repair still. Stopping potential hazards in their tracks before they fully develop is key to effective home maintenance.


Nothing is worth more than a happy and healthy home all year round. Being careful to perform routine maintenance for your property is key to avoiding big repairs, as much as possible. Seek the advice and service of a professional in areas where you are not experienced or confident because dangerous DIY mistakes aren’t worth making. 

The assurance of hiring an experienced team like ours for property maintenance is invaluable, as you can be sure that your property is smoothly running at best capacity.