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Overlooked Property Maintenance You Need To Stop Ignoring

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Published on September 10, 2020

Property maintenance is vitally important. Left unattended, maintenance problems can spiral out of control. Thankfully most of us understand that if our boiler breaks, we need to call a repair company. However, there are some commonly overlooked areas of property maintenance. In this guide, we have highlighted some overlooked property maintenance areas which you may be ignoring but need to start paying attention to. 


Roofs and Guttering 

Leaks and flooding are one of the most common causes of property damage. Whilst these can be caused by everything from a faulty washing machine to a damaged shower, leaks are more than just a plumbing issue. Issues with roofs and guttering can also lead to leaks which can lead to more serious damage if not repaired (or better yet prevented entirely). Properly identifying leaks requires a thorough assessment and all roofing repairs should be carried out by a professional. If you are comfortable on a ladder you can clear your guttering yourself, making sure to take the necessary precautions. However, you can also hire someone to do it. Many roofers can incorporate gutter cleaning into their other services.


Building Washdown

An external clean of your building may be something you have overlooked. It isn’t most people’s first thought when it comes to property maintenance. However, it has some great benefits.  

A building washdown and cladding cleaning can revitalise a building. Whether a commercial property or a home a periodic building wash will help keep your building looking great. If you plan on selling your home this will help you keep your curb appeal. Furthermore, salt air can cause corrosion and lead to leaks so it is important to prevent this from building up. This can be a problem with homes near the sea. 

If not done properly there is a risk of damaging your property so it is best to hire a professional with the right experience and equipment. 


HVAC Maintenance

Heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are crucial to maintaining a comfortable temperature in any home or commercial property. As with any installation, HVAC systems require maintenance if they are to continue to function optimally. Left unattended, HVAC systems can start to run poorly. They can become less effective even when they are working harder, leading to bad temperature control, a larger energy bill and potentially costly repairs. 

There are many potential points of failure with HVAC systems, meaning they will require routine checks to ensure everything is running properly. A routine check from a professional will look at everything from dust and debris build up in filters to electrical connections. If any issues are identified, maintenance can be carried out to correct them before they become a bigger issue.


All Planned and Preventative Maintenance

One of the most overlooked forms of property maintenance is preventative maintenance. Reactive maintenance such as boiler repairs and emergency plumbing are commonplace, but what about taking preventive measure to prevent repair callouts? Being proactive and taking preventative precautions is one of the most overlooked areas of property maintenance and it could be costing you a significant sum in avoidable repairs. A deep dive into every aspect of preventative maintenance is beyond the scope of this guide, given that it covers everything from PAT testing to water treatment and analysis. Thankfully we already have a guide to Avoiding Costly Callouts With Preventative Property Maintenance you can check out. 


Even those of us who take our property maintenance seriously may be overlooking some aspect. It can be difficult to get to everything but hopefully by adding the property maintenance items outlined in this post to your routine you can better maintain your home or business building. All of the maintenance in this post can prevent significant damage and subsequent costs.