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Workplace Parking – Why It Is So Important

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Published on June 25, 2020

A car park is a crucial part of an office. It is arguable as important or even more important as your reception desk, boardroom, or any other aspect of your office. A bad time trying to get parked can set the mood for visitors before they even enter your office. In this guide, we show you how to create a flawless car parking experience, and what makes a good car park.

Your office car park is a fundamental part of your employees’ and visitors’ experience. From prospective new hires to potential clients most people coming into your office must first deal with your car park. If someone has a bad experience parking, you may have to work even harder to win them over.

Simply providing parking, whilst better than not, isn’t enough to win visitors and employees over. A poorly managed parking space can be very frustrating. A properly managed car park, however, can make parking a breeze and ensure there are spaces available for both guests and employees.


Good Signage

Clear signage which provides visitors with all the necessary information is crucial to a good car park. The sign should be easily visible and display information such as open times and which car parking bays are for visitors. The sign should also be visible as you enter the car park, not be at the entrance of the office. Having visitors reach your office building only to have to walk back and move their car to a different parking space creates a terrible experience.


Stopping Rogue Parkers

Monitoring who comes in and out of your car park is important. Employees, visitors, and deliveries are all welcome. Employees from the company over the road however are not. You only have a limited number of parking spaces and you can’t afford for them to be taken up by rogue parkers. There are many ways to prevent this, such as barriers which require an employee key card or simply having someone manage the car park entrance.


Electric Car Charging Points

Providing electric car charging points can be a big selling point to prospective employees. Offering charging points is a great way to accommodate employees, and even visitors. Some still view installing electric car charging points as going a step above for your employees which is a big win for you. However, as these charging points appear in more and more place it is becoming typical to find them in workplace car parks. Eventually, they will be commonplace, and offering them will almost be expected.


Alternative Transport And Carpooling

Supporting alternative means of transport besides car travel is a great way to lower the demand for parking spaces and reduce congestion. Simply adding a bike shelter to your facilities, for example, opens up this great alternative mode of transport.

Carpooling is another great way to reduce the demand for parking spaces. Implementing a carpooling scheme which rewards employees for carpooling with free parking or preferred parking, for instance, will help you to accommodate more employees.

Carparks are an essential part of business premises. Whilst employees could use other nearby parking offering your own parking is certainly preferable. But only if you do it right. A person’s experience parking sets the tone for their time at your office. A bad parking experience could mean your employees are starting off the workday poorly or that visitors are put in a bad mood before you even have a chance to greet them. A good parking experience on the other hand could mean your employees start the day stress-free and your visitors arrive pleasantly relieved.