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Fixed Wire Testing: How often should you do it?

Posted in Electrical | Electrical Testing, Safety & Compliance
Published on July 16, 2019

Fixed Wire Testing is something that isn’t negotiable. It is something that is required, by law, that you do on a regular basis – but just how often? The actual frequency of how often you test is completely dependent on your business type and can be as often as every year up to every five years.

Fixed Wire Testing is also known as an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR Report) and is a tool that makes sure you are compliant with workspace safety legislation, keeping your business and staff as safe as possible. It is a test that checks whether your electrical installations and circuits are fitted properly and are suitable in fitting to the latest wiring regulations.

There are a handful of factors that determine how often you should go about this as a business. These are:

  • The kind of electrical installation
  • How often the installation is used
  • Any external influences

When a Fixed Wire Test occurs, it includes performing visual inspections and both electrical tests on the various systems in your building. However, this can often be done outside of normal working hours so that it does not disrupt your employees and customers. All inspections allow us to produce a detailed EICR, which is essentially an assessment of your electrical installations. Here you will usually receive recommendations on how to move forward and resolve any issues.

If you are a business, it is important to take note that this is the maximum period of how often you should test it.


1 – 3 Years Fixed Wire Testing

If your workplace is exposed to various environmental factors that may affect the general public, you may have to go through frequent testing. This includes the likes of moisture, extreme high and low temperatures or dust as these can possibly constitute a risk to the public.

The types of workplaces/environments that may need 1 – 3-year Fixed Wire Testing are:

1 Year – Medical Locations, Swimming Pools & Saunas, Caravan Parks, Petrol Stations

3 Year – Spa Hotels, Leisure Centres, Industrial Units, Theatres, Caravans


5 Year Fixed Wire Testing

It is more common that you will need an EICR every five years. But despite this, we would always recommend that you have annual reviews and inspections to ensure maximum safety.

The workplaces that would need 5-year tests are:

5 Year – Commercial offices & retail outlets, Hotels, Restaurants, Education buildings, Laboratories, Community Centres, Pubs, Care homes, Halls of residence


Working Around Your Testing

As we previously mentioned, it’s important that you check your fixed wires on an annual basis to ensure the best safety levels possible. This will allow you to identify and solve any issues ahead of the official testing. Although these do not necessarily have to be carried out by an electrical professional, it is important that it is someone who has the ability to recognise any issues and use the installation properly.

There are several things that you can look out for when doing these routine checks. This includes general wear and deterioration, overheating, loose or mixing parts and fixings or general breakages. These are all things to take note of and then you can hire an electrical professional to fix any indicated issues.

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