5 signs you need a new boiler installed

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Published on May 8, 2019
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Do you need a new boiler?

Boilers help to keep our homes warm and our water hot. But unless these two things stop happening completely, it may be hard for you to detect when you need a new boiler. Having your boiler regularly serviced and having maintenance work carried out can prevent the likelihood of a big breakdown.

But don’t fret, there are a number of telltale signs that you can look out for that indicate that you may need a new boiler installed in your home. A mix of age issues, possible smells and the time it takes to heat up your home can all be signs of issues that may arise. Here at Kiasu Workforce, as a team of boiler experts, we’re here to tell you exactly what you need to keep an eye out for.

5 signs you need a new boiler installed


Boilers aren’t installed with an expiry date, so there’s no exact way to tell how long they have got left in them. However, a good indicator of how healthy your boiler is is how many years you have had it. On average, it’s best to start thinking about a new boiler once yours reaches 10 years of being installed. It may not necessarily be on it’s ‘last legs’, but new technologies are constantly emerging when it comes to boilers, meaning a newer version is likely to be more efficient.


You wouldn’t think it, with carbon monoxide itself being odourless, but any sort of smell coming from your boiler could potentially be a warning sign of a leak. The smell is simply a sign that the boiler is not burning properly and this is a situation that needs to be dealt with the moment you realise there is an issue. A great way to not get caught out with a leak is to have a carbon monoxide alarm installed to catch them right at the source and indicate that you need your boiler repairing.


It’s fairly common for boilers to make noises when they are first heating up, but these should subside to be almost unnoticeable so another sign to be aware of is that of any unfamiliar noises. Any loud bangs, clunking or whirring noises could indicate an issue that means your boiler isn’t functioning properly. There could be an issue with bubbles, broken valves or even the heat pump. We suggest turning off your boiler if you do hear these noises and calling out an engineer.


A less noticeable indication that you need a new boiler is if it is taking its time to do its job. Do you switch the heating on but not feel the benefit for quite some time? The majority of modern or newly installed boilers can reach their maximum temperature fairly quickly, so a slow down in a boiler doing its job means it might be time to shop around for a new boiler.


The increase in your bills is also a clear signal that a new boiler could possibly be on the horizon for your home. Like discussed previously, newer boilers are mostly more efficient and can, in fact, save you money. This also works with the above element of time, in that if you’re boiler is left on for longer due to it taking its time to heat up, it’s essentially costing you more money to run so being aware of your bills is essential in getting the best out of your boiler.

5 signs

These are 5 simple signs to be aware of that may indicate that you need a new boiler installing. Kiasu Workforce is made up of fully qualified gas engineers so we can provide the best service with regards to boiler installation and 24/7 maintenance & repairs. Call us on 020 8988 1662 today for fixed, competitive prices with no hidden charges.