4 reasons you need to hire an M&E Contractor

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Published on April 8, 2019

M&E Contracting

If you own a building, you might have heard the term ‘M&E contractor’. A specialist contractor such as this will handle the mechanical and electrical systems within a building. Ultimately, they will make sure that key areas of your business are working effectively. So, what types of systems can M&E contractors keep in check for you?

Well, they can be involved in everything from heating and ventilation systems to all elements related to health and safety within your property. M&E contractors are also often known as building service engineers.

They can handle everything from fire safety, the energy supply, the building control system and even ICT networks throughout the building. Drainage, plumbing and lighting issues can also be handled by an M&E contractor. To understand why you need an M&E contractor, it’s crucial to delve deeper into their role and how they help maintain your property.

Keeping your building safe in the event of a fire

One of the most important aspects of fire safety is making sure that occupants of the building are provided with the warnings that they need to get out in of the building in a safe time period. An M&E contractor can help here by making sure that the right alarm systems are installed and working effectively.

As well as the initial alarm set up, the contractor can ensure that they’ll work effectively in the result of a fire. An M&E contractor can also ensure that a full working ventilation system is operational in your building. This is another key aspect of safety and ensuring that the building is suitable for occupants.

Ensuring your business is up to code

It’s important to be aware that buildings must be set up to adhere to strict health and safety regulation. When you undertake any building work and maintenance, an contractor can ensure that your building is always up to code and help you avoid liability issues.

Preventing issues before they emerge

M&E contractors can also be responsible for making sure that issues never crop up in your property. For instance, they can conduct PAT testing which is crucial for ensuring that portable electrical devices are safe and working correctly. If devices like this are not checked then it’s possible they could actually be the cause of a fire. It’s no exaggeration to say that hiring an M&E contractor could prevent disaster.

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Keeping your building secure

An M&E contractor can also guarantee that your building is set up to remain both safe and secure. With an M&E contractor, you can make sure that key elements of security are in place throughout a building. They will guarantee that electrical locks throughout your business are fully functional and that there are no gaps in your security.

We hope this helps you understand why an M&E contractor is such a vital hire for any building owner or a business owner. Using their services will allow you to make sure that your business is both safe and secure. As well as this, systems will remain operational and any problems can be resolved quickly and without delay by a fully trained expert.

Whether you’re in need of a specialist M&E contractor, give Kiasu Workforce a call today on 0208 988 1662 or send us an email. Your business premises have never been in safer hands.