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Commercial building maintenance tips you should follow

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Published on February 7, 2019

Commercial building maintenance

No matter what kind of commercial building you own or run, it’s vital to maintain it carefully and correctly. If you don’t pay attention to the regular maintenance requirements, you’ll end up paying for it later. Ignoring problems or not even checking for them in the first place won’t make them go away.

If you want to learn more about maintaining a commercial property, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to cover all of the essentials and explain why they’re important. By the time you’ve read all of the information below, you’ll have a much better understanding of what it takes to maintain your commercial property. So read on now to find out about all the commercial maintenance tips you should follow.

Why do checks and building maintenance matter?

First of all, we need to talk about why these checks and property maintenance procedures are so important. For a commercial space to function properly and offer real safety and security to the people working inside it each day, it has to be checked and made safe. This doesn’t happen by itself.

It’s very easy to coast along and assume everything is fine, but you won’t know that for sure until you actively seek out problems and carry out proper checks. Now it’s time to look at the checks and maintenance tips you should know about.

The regular checks you’ll need to make

Checking and double checking all alarms

There are various types of alarms that you should make sure you have in place on your property. For a start, you’ll require a burglar alarm to ensure the building is secure 24 hours a day. On top of that, you should have fire alarms in place to comply with all relevant fire safety regulations. Once you have all of those alarms, you should ensure they’re regularly checked and double checked so you can be confident that they’re functioning the way they’re meant to.

PAT Testing by the book

Portable application testing is necessary in every commercial setting. It’s a vital aspect of health and safety and ensures electrical appliances are safe for use without any risk to the employees interacting with them. PAT testing has to be done carefully and by the book. There’s a series of visual and electronic tests that have to be carried out before an appliance can be passed as safe for use. These tests need to be carried out regularly; it’s not enough to pass them once and then forget about them.

Plumbing and pipe checks

When something goes badly wrong with the building’s plumbing, you’ll know about it and it certainly won’t be pleasant to deal with. Burst pipes or blockages can get very messy, very quickly, making the commercial space unsafe and unusable until the problem is put right. That’s why regular plumbing and pipe checks are so important. When you carry out those checks, problems can be averted and you won’t have to deal with all that potential disruption. These checks should be done thoroughly and carefully to make sure nothing is missed.

Annual electrical checks

All of your electrical components need to be checked yearly to ensure they’re all working safely and not presenting any risks. When it comes to electrics, it’s not worth taking any chances. Outlets, breaker boxes and switches should all be reviewed and assessed for safety concerns and potential issues. Things like cracks or signs of deterioration should be spotted as early as possible so they can be put right before the problems get worse and other problems occur as a result of them. It’ll save you a lot of time and money going forward if you do.

Regular roof inspections

This might not apply to every commercial property because yours might be a contained office in a bigger building. But if you are maintaining a whole building, you’ll need to ensure the roof is inspected for faults and damage on a regular basis. Let a professional carry out these checks because they can be risky if carried out by someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. It’s particularly important to carry out these inspections if there’s recently been a lot of stormy or generally adverse weather in your area.

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Property maintenance will be a lot easier for you if you stay on top of things. It’ll allow you to spot small problems before they get the chance to develop into much bigger ones. Each of the checks listed above will be vital to the smooth functioning of your commercial property, so don’t forget about them.

Our team is equipped to help you with any commercial property maintenance needs you might have so if you need any of the property checks mentioned above, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kiasu Workforce on 0208 988 1662 or email us at